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Dual  Fingerprint  Cameras,  Identification,  inch  Fingerprint Identification,  Network:  Octa  Octa Core  Cortex  Network: 4G,  Back  inch Android  Cameras, Fingerprint Identification,  Android  Core  Cameras, Fingerprint  4G, Dual  Dual Back  Stock]  Version,  x Cortex  Octa Core up  Core up to  Back Cameras,  [HK Stock]  4 x Cortex  Octa Core up to  4GB+64GB,  up to  Play  Core up  x Cortex A53  (Black) Support Google  Support Google Play  + 4 x Cortex A53  Dual Back Cameras,  Back Cameras, Fingerprint  Cortex A73  2.0GHz, Network: 4G,  Support Google  Core up to 2.0GHz,  up to 2.0GHz, Network:  Google Play  Android 8.1  Octa Core up to 2.0GHz, Network: 4G,  Back Cameras, Fingerprint Identification,  to 2.0GHz, Network: 4G,  (Black) Support  Google  Cortex A53  up to 2.0GHz,  to 2.0GHz, Network:  Network: 4G, Dual  Core up to 2.0GHz, Network: 4G,  + 4 x  to 2.0GHz,  4GB+64GB, Global  Dual AI  Version, Dual  up to 2.0GHz, Network: 4G,  Core up to 2.0GHz, Network:  Honor  Octa Core up to 2.0GHz,  Kirin  2.0GHz,  Global  (Black)  Support  (Black) Support Google Play  4 x Cortex A53  Huawei Honor  + 4 x Cortex  Huawei  inch Android 8.1  Version, Dual AI  Octa Core up to 2.0GHz, Network:  2.0GHz, Network:  AI Rear Cameras, Fingerprint Identification, 6.3  Rear Cameras, Fingerprint Identification, 6.3 inch  Cameras, Fingerprint Identification, 6.3 inch Android  A53 1.8GHz, Network: 4G, GPU  Dual AI Rear Cameras, Fingerprint Identification,  970 Octa Core + Micro Nuclei  6GB+64GB,China Version, Dual AI Rear Cameras,  + Micro Nuclei i7, 4 x  Core + Micro Nuclei i7, 4  Version, Dual AI Rear Cameras, Fingerprint  Octa Core + Micro Nuclei i7,  Kirin 970 Octa Core + Micro  8.1 Kirin 970 Octa Core +  COR-AL10, 6GB+64GB,China Version, Dual AI Rear  inch Android 8.1 Kirin 970 Octa  Huawei Honor Play COR-AL10, 6GB+64GB,China Version,  Turbo (Black) Support Google Play  GPU Turbo (Black) Support Google  6.3 inch Android 8.1 Kirin 970  4G, GPU Turbo (Black) Support  Honor Play COR-AL10, 6GB+64GB,China Version, Dual  1.8GHz, Network: 4G, GPU Turbo